CT & MRI Scanners

CT & MRI Scanners

The primary goal of the service engineers at EMI Services is to support diagnostic imaging and scanner systems. It is EMI’s new focus and dedication to service that separates us from other equipment dealers.

When you buy from EMI, you get a lot more than a guaranteed scanner or working part at the best price. You also get our support in getting the problem solved. When a call or email comes in, it is placed with an engineer trained in that modality (CT or MRI). Whether you are inquiring about a second opinion before purchasing a GE CT or MRI scanner or just want to make sure your failed-part diagnosis is correct, we will give you the necessary support.

National Network of CT & MRI Service Providers

Our national network of engineers at offices around the country provides consulting, training, maintenance and troubleshooting and is a great network for finding new equipment when it is time to upgrade. The engineering offices keep scanners in stock and warehouse spare parts. You can rely on EMI to get the parts you need to your location as soon as possible with same day air freight or FedEx overnight.

Independent service organizations just going into a new field can relax. You have our national network of engineers to back you up. If necessary, an EMI engineer will come on site to show the customer their complete capabilities to fix the problem with their GE CT, GE MRI or CAT scanner. We can also support our international customers.

Trained Service Engineers and Customized Service Contracts

Asset management and insurance companies concerned about service quality can rest assured that their customers will be satisfied knowing they have trained engineers working on their equipment. The professionalism and expertise of the EMI service engineer will be recognized immediately. The medical facility personnel will know the right choice was made because there is no penny pinching when it comes to EMI maintenance service. EMI Services will keep their scanner equipment up to OEM specs. EMI offers asset management and insurance companies maintenance services at a discount and guaranteed lowest pricing when parts need to be ordered. Service contracts benefit from even greater savings.

Hospitals that use their bio-med personnel to first assess their scanner problems can count on EMI Services to back them up. EMI service engineers will work with the bio-med team to identify and evaluate the problem, coach and train them if necessary on the repair solution to get the scanner operational as soon as possible. We are just a phone call away when they are working on the system.

Contact EMI to learn more about how we support your CT and MRI diagnostic imaging systems!


1975: Rodolfo Gutierrez, the founder of EMI company, as an engineer installed the first GE CT Scanner equipment in Bogotá-Colombia, first in Latin America. Since then, he has kept up to date in technology and participated in hundreds of other diagnostic imaging installations and Turn Key hospital projects in the USA, Brazil, Argentine, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Mexico, Venezuela and other countries. "We keep bringing the latest technology to make it affordable to our customers. We help to improve the health care coverage and to lower its costs in “THE AMERICAS"


CT (GE) & MRI (GE)

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